Financial Medicine™

Providing Cure$ for you Money Ailments

We know that stresses in life can result in physical ailments. Money is often one of the greatest stressors. The result of this stress can be physical illness, which requires treatment by a doctor and often time lost from work, which impact you in terms of out-of-pocket costs and lost earnings. Thus unlike other life stressors, money is the one stressor that is exacerbated by the very same factors that cause it, a very interesting paradox. Our unique approach to financial counseling takes into account not only the tangible factors but more importantly the intangible factors, such as your financial behavior and your relationship with money. We design a tactical and strategic action plan that is customized for you based upon your financial personality, and we provide continuous and ongoing guidance and support to ensure that you stay on track and are successful during all stages of life.

Our Financial Medicine™ approach consists of multiple specialties:

“Audiology” – We listen. To you. This is one of the most important elements of a successful relationship.

“Optometry” – We will work together to craft your vision, develop it and execute it with clarity.

“Primary Care” – Financial solutions for day-to-day budgeting, cash flow, planning, saving and investing. We will show you how to make the most of your income by making the choices that will provide optimal benefits for your family.

“Obstetrics” – The birth or adoption of a child is one of the greatest blessings in life. Together, we will ensure that any modifications to the existing plans and budget will be seamless so that you can devote your energy to your family.

“Pediatrics” – How much will you need to save for your children’s education? When do you start? How do we maximize all financial options to minimize out-of-pocket costs?

“Cardiology” – Matters of the heart are nothing to make light of, but money is one of the top causes of divorce. No one likes to think about divorce but when it does occur, our compassion and expertise help to keep you grounded.

“Geriatrics” – When do you want to retire? How much income will you need? What assets will you need? What assets do you have?

“Financial Therapy” – What is your relationship with money and how do we make specific and achievable changes to reduce your anxieties about money and ensure success? Financial Therapy is the integration of cognitive, emotional, behavioral, relational, and economic aspects that promote financial health.